Using a SleepMachine® changes the Alpha wave pattern in your brain so you can relax


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Who is Gill Gray?

Gill Gray adapted the original NASA technology that went into helping astronauts to sleep to make the SleepMachine MKii.  It is now more affordable,  easier to use but still keeps it’s effectiveness and quality standard.

Product warranty is 2 years. Just contact us with a copy of your receipt and we will organise everything for a repair or new product exchange in the first 30 days.  

It takes some time to get the alpha wave stimulated and the sleep pattern established over two to 10 days.  Some will use it every day while others will use for a while, fall into a pattern but when they find themselves more restless they revert back to using the SleepMachine  Everyone is different.

As soon as your purchase is confirmed we issue a VAT receipt.  All items are despatched from the UK from our own warehouse.

Only minute electrical charges are used during the therapy sessions but you should refer to the user manual closely.

No sound is made during the treatment session. At the end of the treatment there is a beep to say that it has finished. That is it.

On normal working days, if you order before 12pm it will be despatched that same day for next working day delivery

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